Friday, November 1, 2013

A New Chapter Begins!

         Six years ago I began subbing at the elementary level, with dreams of soon setting up my own classroom and making a difference in the lives of my students.  I had notebooks full of ideas, loads of resources I had accumulated through student teaching and practicums, but most of all I was motivated and eager to get started.  I had an interview that was shockingly well and was encouraged that I was definitely be among the next to be hired!  Unfortunately one year of subbing turned to two...and then three.....schools continued to close, teachers were laid off, and my chances of obtaining a full time position continued to diminish.  And then in my third year of subbing I found myself pregnant with our first child and facing a major life decision.  The fact that I hadn't been hired was disappointing, but really made the decision to stay home that much easier.  Once the kids were in school, I'd have the perfect job in teaching and hopefully by then the outlook would be more promising. 

     I think Caleb was a year and a half when the idea of homeschooling started to permeate my life.  I thought it was odd since Luke and I had long since decided that it just wasn't for us and we would definitely put our kids in public school.  The more it surrounded me, however, the more I felt myself opening up to the idea.  I couldn't even believe I was considering it and just knew for sure Luke would be against it anyway.  I wasn't sure I wanted to give up teaching in my own classroom someday altogether anyway....and it would be a lot of I threw it out there just knowing he would squash the idea.  Of course God had other plans and Luke was suddenly not so against it after all.  What was happening? Who were we?  We had made all these decisions already!  This was truly the start of us realizing that up until now we had really been making most of our decisions on our own.  We asked for God to be with us in the decisions we made, but I guess we hadn't realized that we weren't asking for Him to show us what decision to make in the first place.  This was our turning point....and since...our lives have changed dramatically.  For.The.(Way.Way.)Better.  

So this past week I (finally) had the privilege to finally set up my own classroom (as best I can until the house is finished!).  It was not the way I had always imagined, and the class size was much smaller.....but now I couldn't imagine it any other way, and I could not be happier.  

My two students on their very first day of preschool!

          The boys have been excitedly checking out the room each day to see what has changed and explore everything I've put out.  We talked all week about starting school today on November 1st.  I was surprised at how much I felt like I was back in a classroom, and how much I loved it.  I have the best students....they were so eager to learn and do each activity.  Actually it only took us about an hour to do everything (I'm using this curriculum. Love It! And some extras that I added), but they wanted to keep going.  Caleb took out just about everything in the room and we continued to learn and play together.  He loves structured activities and sometimes I just can't think of anything on the spot to do.  I think this is going to be amazing for all of us!  Early Intervention thinks it will be great reinforcement for Levi too and his language development especially.  

                            Seriously, God's ideas and plans are so much better than ours!

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