Tuesday, October 1, 2013

And the milestones continue....

         While I really can't remember life without him, it's also hard to believe it has been one year since the day we met our son! (original post here) One year ago today we eagerly said Yes, we want to meet him!, to the lady at the ministry of education.  We drove the hour long route to his baby home in Ust-Labinsk and arrived in front of a large building with a gate and a security guard.....it was surreal.  Finally seeing where our son had spent his whole short life thus far...finally about to meet him for the first time!
First photo I took of Levi just after we met him (just over 13 months old)

          Sometimes when I share this journey, or think back to out trips to Russia, I still can't believe that this is our story.  It has been one of life's greatest adventures and blessings, and I am so thankful that God had bigger things planned for us than we had for ourselves.  And here we are one year later.....the baby we brought home, now a busy, independent, opinionated, stubborn, still super sweet and lovable toddler!

Dr. Levi....serious business!

Pretending the table is a tent....sweet boys!
Loving nature....who needs the playground toys?

Strengthening those legs! What a difference a year makes!

First photo of me and my boy.....
One year later......so blessed!!!

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