Thursday, September 26, 2013

No more babies here! (at the present time.....)

I decided to take a picture when we went to the park the other day.  The boys were wearing their personalized hoodies Meme had made for them when Levi first came home and it reminded me of a photo I had taken then.  It's amazing to look at the two pictures side by side and see the difference just seven months makes....which really seems like 2 weeks since time has been flying!

Last February.....just about a month after Levi arrived home!
This months later

          Such little more babies here!  It's funny, I've been noticing that a lot lately....more and more of the "baby things" have been put away.  Trips to babies r us are few and far between.  Toddler-hood is in full force in this house!  They want to do things for themselves....and they want to help me do everything.  I may has well have sat in the car today at Walmart and let them do the shopping.  Caleb pushes the cart on his own....Levi very swiftly puts everything into the cart (how he does it without me even noticing when he's sitting so close he's touching me, is a mystery)....and they both load onto the belt!  Caleb even knows how to scan the barcodes now and has mastered the self-checkout.  Oh and not to worry about putting things away because Levi also enjoys taking everything out of the bags and placing each item onto our lazy susan.  Who needs mom?!

       No, but's amazing how much they change, so quickly, at this age!  And also amazing how far one little boy has come in such a short time!  Last year, at this exact week, we were preparing, with much anticipation, for our first trip to meet our son.....more reminiscing to follow!

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