Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Fall Fundraising

          So a LOT has been happening and the "crazy" life I mentioned in my last post has since become crazier!  But in the midst of closing on our new home, trying to get it ready to move in at the end of the month and Luke's recent motorcycle accident, God has continued to make it clear that we are to move forward with this second adoption.  And so....we are back to fundraising, but trying a couple of new ideas this time around, along with a lot of the same.  We had our first yard sale in July and have sold several items on Craigs List.  We still have a TON of items to sell and keep receiving more and more donations.  With the move and everything going on, we are thinking that the next yard sale will realistically not be until the Spring.  So in the meantime I am working on a few other projects......

           The first has been an interesting endeavor to say the least.  I have been determined this time around to find something that I can make in order to raise money.  I've purchased a couple of awesome items from other families raising money for their adoptions and I wanted to try it out.  The problem is....I don't have any of those creative talents!  I can't paint, build things, sew, knit etc etc.  But finally, I found something I could do.  I often buy these handmade bracelets through Amazima as gifts for people, and also have one of my own.  I love everything about them, especially that they help support hardworking women trying to take care of their families.  So I'll be honest, I feel a little guilty making these, as if I'm taking away from what they are doing in a sense.....but with my limited talent it was this or nothing!  After several failed attempts I finally figured out what to do........ 

1.  Cut strips of scrapbook paper into long, thin triangles

2. Roll each strip so that it creates a bead, and string them

3. Dip each string of rolled beads into polyurethane and hang to dry

4. Remove polyurethaned beads from the string and sort by color

Then it's just deciding which colors and adding the beads to memory wire!

Here's an example of the final result! (I added tags as well)

           So the goal is to sell them for $10.00 each ($2 for shipping if needed)....and if all else fails, you'll all be getting handmade bracelets for every birthday and Christmas gift to come! : )   (see already made bracelets here:  If you'd like one, just contact me with the number and I'll remove it from the album and get it to you!

           Project number two has been to prepare for the upcoming Consignment Sale.  This fall, there will only be a kids sale so I have been busy collecting, cleaning, entering, hanging and tagging all of the items that are consignment sale eligible!  I'm currently at about 130 items!  So as always, I have the chance to win 100% of my sales (rather than the 65% I will receive otherwise).  For every mini flyer, with my consignor number, handed in, I will have another chance to win.  All you have to do is hand in the flyer below at checkout.  For those of you who are already planning to go, we would SO appreciate it if you would print one and hand it in IF you buy something.  Please don't feel obligated to go, or to buy something, just because we are sharing this....but if you're going anyway and buy something anyway, it's a super easy way to help us out! (If you'd rather not print them, I'd be more than happy to print one for you and send it to you as the sale is still a couple of weeks away!)

          The last thing I've been working on is preparing an Online Auction Fundraiser for early November.  I have created a facebook group for this auction, with photos of all items available.  For about one week, people will have the opportunity to bid on items by simply commenting with their bid under the photo.  I participated in a couple that other families had and thought they were a great idea!  The main focus right now is finding items and services to auction off.  I have quite a few things already, but am still seeking more.  Eventually I plan to head out into the community to see if anyone would be willing to donate items or services.  I will list the information and website for whichever companies or services are willing to donate as a way to help advertise for them as well.  If you happen to have an idea, or have something you may be willing to let us auction, pleeeasseee let me know!  Some ideas are listed back on this blog entry (towards the bottom).

          On another note I have yet to update the Q and A tab for this adoption.....mostly because I haven't had the time, but also because we are still praying about some of the details.  We've talked to some of you here and there and shared a little, but I will update here in the near future!

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