Saturday, July 27, 2013

Our Crazy Life

       Remember when I mentioned once or twice that we were starting to feel a little too comfortable?  We thought beginning the adoption process again was enough to change that, but apparently that wasn't all God had in mind!

       So over the past several months, maybe even a year, we've been verryyyy casually looking at houses online.  Finding our house was such a process and we had no idea if or when we would be moving on from here, but we figured if we looked over a long period of time, something would eventually come along....preferably without having to go on such a long, exhausting hunt.  We've also always talked about potentially renting our house out, but were never sure we would be approved for another mortgage if we hold onto our current home.  Last month I decided to go to the bank in an attempt to find out the answer to this question...just incase.  We ended up with a pre-approval letter and were informed that both interest rates and house prices were climbing steadily, so the sooner the better.  That felt like too much pressure and we weren't in any hurry to rush into anything, so we just continued looking casually online.  I finally decided to ask our realtor to send us automatic updates of homes through his program since they are typically more accurate.  I've been getting the emails, browsing quickly through and deleting them for a little while now.  A couple of weeks ago, just before we left for camp, one caught my eye.  It's in a location we love, is something we could grow in, and seemed like the first we'd actually consider going to see.  However, we were leaving in a couple of days so we all agreed to see it when we returned.  The Monday after camp we were told that it was off the market....the bank had already accepted an offer.  We felt that was God's clear answer....not the right house, not the right timing.  So we moved on.....for a whole 24 hours.  Tuesday morning a new listings email came in....with the same said, Back on the market!  Since I'm making this extremely long and drawn out, I'll get right to it.  It came back on the market Tuesday, we went to see it that afternoon and put an offer on it that evening.

      Then came all the craziness......panic that we would get the house and not have the money, worry that maybe this was not what God wants since we have already felt called and said yes to adopting again.  I started to wonder how we would pay for the adoption, since while living here we are able to put aside a decent amount each month and had used that this past year for Levi's adoption.  This time.....we would have to fully rely on raising the money.....or God making a way!  See how slow I am?  It is rather painful to admit.  If I remember correctly, we did not figure everything out last time either!  At the same time, with everything happening so fast, we wanted to be 100% sure that this was what God wanted.  We prayed, sought advice from others, and finally felt at peace....if they accepted out offer, we would move forward and believe it was meant to be.  Friday afternoon our offer was accepted!

     Yet again, the timing of things is not what we would have expected.  And yet it shows how much God is truly in control if you allow Him to be.  I'm humbled to say that this house is more than we could have imagined.  We had in our minds the type of house we wanted to stay in long term with our family, but had long since realized that was not necessary.  And yet, God, in his goodness, has blessed us with more than we could have imagined....yet again.  Infinitely more.....infinitely more!  Of course we still have to have an inspection and anything can happen from now to the closing (which they want in four weeks...ahh!!)....but we trust that God will go before us, however it turns out.  

     After putting our offer in, but before hearing back, I received an email this week.  It was from the facilitator we would likely use for our next adoption.  Our conversation had ended with him letting us know he would wait to hear from us when we were ready to move forward.  But this week there was news of three children that needed a family......and were we interested?  In the midst of planning for our yard sale today, putting in an offer for a house unexpectedly, and just daily life with two toddlers, the email seemed like icing on the cake to a crazy, unexpected, uncomfortable week!  I felt reminded again of the call we had already said yes to....I started to wonder if the house was a distraction.  Or, maybe, God was preparing us with a bigger home for a bigger family.  One of my first comments when we actually went inside the house was okay God how many kids are we supposed to adopt?!

     If all goes as planned we will likely be closing on our new home in one month....which seems virtually impossible.  I feel a bit like I'm living in a dream world.....might I reiterate, an uncomfortable, but exciting dream world.  I feel like this isn't real life's certainly not what my life looked like before, at all!  I wonder what we've missed out on, but know there's no point in really dwelling on it.  Yes I'm tired, yes some days I feel like I can hardly handle two children, sometimes I feel like I have so much to learn and so far to go that I don't even know where to begin......yes life is not perfect, I am not perfect......BUT I truly have never felt more content, more joy, more purpose, more excitement, and closer to God than ever in my life.  I think I often thought I understood what it mean to be a Christ follower and truly submit to what God  wants.....but I know otherwise now.

     I've never been a proponent of change by the way......when I was younger (not as young as you'd think however) we decided to change the arrangement of the furniture in my bedroom.  It had been the same way my entire life.  I couldn't sleep that night, and the following day we put everything back the way it had been.  It stayed that way the entire 22 years I lived in that bedroom.  It's crazy sometimes when I think about all the of the changes that continue to happen in our lives and how much I welcome them.  It's truly God coming in and changing my heart time and time again to be aligned to what He wants for us.  When we finally let go, it's no longer a battle of fighting against change, or feeling like we are being forced to do something against our will......instead it's a welcome, exciting journey.....

      I know these posts are becoming unbearably long and laugh when some of you say you read part of my post...or started to read the blog.... : )   But I can't forget to was our first Adoption Benefit Yard Sale for the second adoption.  Once again we had a wonderful group of people sacrifice sleep and their beautiful saturday to help us.  We are so thankful!  This was a smaller sale compared to last year, as we only collected a few things, but mostly just sold items leftover from our youth yard sale.  Altogether we raised $514 so far (we have a few items we'll put on craigslist)!!!

      Thank you so much to all who donated, and to Brooke Souza and her amazing family who all donated items at the last minute when they heard we were doing this sale.....and also so willingly helped to load the items onto our truck (or should I say borrowed truck - yes the truck broke down int he midst of the chaos - thank you Rick!!!!).  Thank you to Auntie Sharon, Julie and Rachel, Brooke, Ian, and my parents who were such a HUGE help today....we really couldn't do it without you!  Each time and way you help us, you are answering the call to care for the orphans.....we are SO thankful for each of you!


  1. I am happy to be able to help in any way I can. Love you!

  2. I second Sharon's comment. Both sentences! Your post brought tears to my eyes. I am so proud to call you friends and so honored to be a part of your journey.