Monday, July 22, 2013

Camp, Yard Sales and Celebrations!

          So Levi officially attended his first Crosswalk (camp) this past week.  I think it's safe to say he loved all of the extra attention, doesn't mind the chaos, and enjoyed kissing everyone and everything he saw!  I'm not sure being out of our routine had the best impact on the kids (or my) sleep...and as a result the whining and occasional tantrums....but overall it was fun.  It was crazy to realize that last year at camp we were scrambling to re-do a few documents and still hadn't even received our referral.  I'm so thankful he was there with us this year!  

                                   Our sweet youth investing in our boys! So thankful for them!

Theme night....our little cowboy/farmer : )

           In other news, our first yard sale this year will be happening on Saturday!  It's rather comical to me that we are doing this again so soon when I think back to our conversations on how done we were with yard sales : )  Come on by this Saturday from 7am-1pm......all clothes will be fill a bag for $1!!!!  After this yard sale, we will be happy to collect more items for those that are looking to get rid of things.....we've told several of you that we are not currently taking donations (It's amazing how many people ask us this on a regular basis...people are so eager to get rid of things and have a place to bring them!)....but after this we should have more space!

            While we're on the fundraiser topic, I updated our How To Help tab for round two.  Any suggestions are always SO welcome!  Our next focus will be our online auction, which many of you have already so graciously offered to help with!  We are looking for products or services to auction's some of what we already have so you can get excited and maybe get some ideas!..........
                                                       Photo Shoot w/ cd of images
                                                Month of Karate Classes w/ uniform
                                                        Ava Anderson products
                                                        Pampered Chef Paring Knife
                                                           Vera Bradley Wristlet
                                                           Vera Bradley Wallet
                       Car detail, wash, wax  (by Luke) and use of our car while it's being done
                                                 Handpainted wooden ornament from Russia
                                                      Gift Certificate for a Family Tree
                                                              Purse from Paris

         There's a few more items, but I'll save some for suspense : )  The plan is to do this in early November so everything can be shipped out or delivered well before Christmas!
           I'm still sort of cringing as I type all of this because I really still don't feel 100% comfortable asking for your help.....but I know it's necessary and I've learned enough from this past year to know that I need to get over it!

Lastly.....I mentioned Levi's 2nd Birthday Party / Thank You Celebration briefly in our last post, but I wanted to let you all know that it is officially planned, date, location and time set.  I've created a facebook event, but I know some of you don't have accounts, so please email me for information.  Anyone is welcome, we just would like to know if you're coming so we have enough food! : )  And just a reminder, NO gifts please.....your help in bringing this boy home, your friendship, your prayers etc. are your gift.....please just come so we can thank you and celebrate this sweet boy together!



  1. I'll be there as early as you need me to be!

  2. Aw you are too nice! You should rest on your day off! We will be okay!