Sunday, June 9, 2013

Donations in Abundance

          For those who don't know me well, I'm a HUGE bargain shopper.  I rarely buy something without a coupon (although I don't go to stores with piles of them!), and typically head right for the clearance racks.  I've never been a huge consignment person since I find things brand new just as cheap most of the time.  BUT since I've started participating in the local sales as a way to fund-raise for adoption, I've certainly enjoyed finding some great deals this way as well!  Shopping is fun, finding great deals is wonderful....but I think this has become the most exciting.....

Collecting and sorting the AMAZINGLY overwhelming number of donations that continue to pour in.  This is one of my fun new kids-are-napping-so-i'll-go-enjoy-a-few-minutes-of-___ pastimes!  It's truly been mind blowing how ready people are to give away their things.  And equally as shocking how productive this has been!  These are the bags and piles we brought home from the past couple of weeks.....they are just the beginning! I get so excited as I sort them and think of all the people they will help! Those who will be able to purchase them for a great deal, those who will receive them free through the Providence Rescue Mission, the family that will receive the profits towards their adoption, and ultimately the precious child that will be one step closer to their forever family!

I bought this portable closet thinking it could hold the donations until the following sale.  Apparently there's a weight limit and whatever it is, I've exceeded it.  It's already toppled over once and is now being held up by miscellaneous items in the garage. Here it is only June and we've already surpassed any amount of items we've had at the past sales....and the next one isn't until September!  We're brainstorming a new system, but I'd say this is a good problem to have! : )  

So thank you so much to all who continue to so willingly donate your belongings.  With the drop off box at church I often don't know where they've come from and wish that I could personally thank you.  So if you are reading this, please know how much you are appreciated!

UPDATE: It turns out they will not be holding the women's sale this coming fall......while I was a bit disappointed about this since 95% of the donations we've received are for this sale, there are still plans to hold the sale next spring.  So....we will just have a LOT to bring next spring : )  Perhaps the sale will double in size!
   The kids sale will still take place this September so there is still an opportunity to raise more!

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