Friday, June 21, 2013

An Unexpected Blessing!

     Today was Levi’s one month check up since having his new shoes/dobbs bar.  The doctor was very happy with how his feet look and when I mentioned that Levi stands with them and tries to “walk” he immediately said……Levi can just wear them to bed now!!!!  Two months early!  He said that because of his age and being so motivated to go, it’s not really good for him to be up on his feet with the bar on.  He also said that his feet look wonderful, there are absolutely no concerns, his feet are flattening out well, and that he will be just fine if he wears them for naps and at night since he sleeps for quite a few hours altogether. 

      I have been seriously giddy over this, and Levi has been quite happy too, although I don’t think he’s full aware of the fact that he wasn’t just getting an extra couple hours of freedom today.  My mind was racing with all of the things he’ll be able to do now….we won’t have to swim for 45 minutes and rush to put the shoes back on, or really push the limits taking him to the beach….he can ride on the swings again at the park and go down the slide without the bar causing him to get stuck!  I can put him in the front of the shopping cart again!  All things I totally took for granted with Caleb….such a blessing and I’m so thankful!!

     As soon as we got home I went in the attic to find all of Caleb's old shoes that he'd outgrown so I could see what size Levi will be and what we have for him!  I put on a cute pair of sandals and Caleb started to ask a million questions.  Can he walk now?  Well, can you teach him?  Daddy, daddy, daddy, teach Levi how to walk!!! We tried to explain that it takes longer than 5 minutes.  Yes, yes we will be teaching him, now let’s go upstairs (it was already past nap time)!  Total meltdown because apparently we had to teach him right then and there.  It really was sweet how excited he was, so we took a few minutes to practice…..and he of course had to help….not so sure if you can call it that….

Thrilled to be up and walking...with real shoes!

You can see the joy in Caleb's face too....

Helping his brother!

Or not?

It was starting to resemble dragging at this point, but Levi was still giggling!

Thank you God!!!!

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  1. I am so thrilled!! Praise God!! Levi will be walking in no time!! He's such a determined little man!!