Sunday, April 14, 2013

Spring Consignment Sales

               Many have asked how the kids sale went, so I'm happy to share that we sold all but TWO items....out of 71 total (I initially miscalculated if you're wondering why the number changed).  If we do win the 100% it would bring us to around $250, but I believe we have to wait a few days at least for this to be determined.  Again, thank you SO much to all who donated clothing, baby items, shopped and handed in all make this possible!  I really love doing this and the plan is to continue me it's a win, win, win situation!  People get rid of their unwanted items anyway so now they know they are helping someone, others buy them and get good deals, and in the end it helps a child come home!

               Now this coming week the Women's Consignment Sale starts.  I have a lot more items for this sale and the total potential amount to be earned is triple that of the kids sale so I'm praying it goes as well!  Once again, the consignor flyers are below and can be handed in at checkout to enter us for 100% of our sales.  I'll be volunteering another shift this week to bring out current percentage up to 65% if we do not win.  Every little bit helps!

              If any of you are interested, all of the profits this time around are going to my brother and sister in law who will be bringing their little baby boy home soon!  We could not be more excited for them!  If you'd like to check out their blog, feel free to visit


             So I decided to just update of now we have won the 100% for the women's sale!! Turns out we were the only ones who actually turned in flyers so it was an easy win!! But thanks SO much again to all who helped and handed them in for us!  Things were slow this year for a variety of reasons out of our control, but we'll just use what was leftover for the fall sale! :  )  Not sure about the kids sale results as of yet, but with what we've earned so far we're at about $465 from both sales!  Thanks to everyone who has made this possible, I hope to be sharing great results from these sales for years to come and watching many more children come home to their families...there's just nothing like it!

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