Friday, April 5, 2013


          While I'm sure this may seem dramatic to some, I'm just being honest.  The thought of Levi having an MRI made me crazy!  Being blessed with the health of our first child left me oblivious to what some families experience as somewhat commonplace.  For many, trips to the children's hospital are routine and watching their children be poked, prodded, sedated etc. is a necessary part of daily life.  I cannot express how much more grateful I am that I have two healthy children.  Again God is pushing me out of my little bubble and prying my eyes open a little more.....

           The morning of the MRI the plan was for Caleb to go to MOPS as usual and then go home with a friend who so kindly offered to watch him so that Luke could go with me to the hospital.  A few days before Luke found out he had a work training, but a fellow employee so graciously switched with him so we were back on track.  The day prior Caleb wasn't quite himself and sure enough that morning he had a slight fever.  We certainly couldn't send him off to a room full of babies and toddlers etc. so in the end we all went!  After hitting insane traffic at 9:45am due to a bad accident, we finally arrived, filled out several papers and moved into the first room.  Three women worked with us, asking questions, checking Levi and also setting up a large mat with toys for the boys to play with.  They were fabulous!  I was so grateful when they told me I could go in and stay with him throughout the MRI and was able to rub his head (his favorite...his eyes roll back when I do, it is precious!) and give lots of kisses as they prepared him.  He was out in just a couple of seconds and I was given a lot of reassurance that he was doing great. : )

          It really was not that bad, but as I watched six different medical professionals hovering over my boy I couldn't help but choke back tears.  (I know some of you are probably rolling your eyes! Luke would be too! : ) )  It all went pretty quickly and I was able to hold him as soon as he started to wake.  Caleb was so sweet with him....and also thrilled with the little gifts they gave to Levi since he was more interested in the oxygen tank in the room!  All in all despite the crazy start to our day, it went fairly smooth and Levi was back to his normal self after his nap!

          Today we went to our orthopedic visit for Levi's fifth cast and to hear the results of the MRI.  A tethered spinal cord is essentially what he was looking for.  While he said that his spine looked great right now, there is a slight chance this may still be an issue due to some fat beside his spine.  The doctor said that sometimes neurologists believe that it can eventually lead to a tethered spine so he is going to have us follow up with someone in that field to get their opinion.  The great news is that at this point things look good.  He predicted it may be something we just monitor as time goes on to be sure it doesn't develop, however his concerns were diminished further by two additional factors.  Levi's foot is responding so well to the casting and today he said we may even need one less cast than he predicted.  This, combined with the fact that his right foot has maintained it's correction both ease his concern that his spine is causing any complication.  Either way he reassured me that this is minimal in the grand scheme of what could be wrong etc.  I look forward to hearing the neurologists feedback, however I am thankful for this news so far!






  1. Karissa- if you're ever in a tight spot like this again with he boys- please call us. We'd love to spoil Caleb, and we're not afraid of a little fever! The Negris