Monday, April 29, 2013

Children are a gift from the Lord!

        This little boy is amazing (in case I haven't mentioned it enough)!  Two days after having bilateral casting and his heel cord cut, he was crawling like a pro and managed to pull himself into the toy box.  Now almost a week later he successfully got into his (little tikes) car on his own (this was a huge frustration for him all week b/c he typically spends much of the day climbing in and out of the car).  This morning he put some weight on one of his feet, trying to stand.  I really did not believe it was possible for him to stand on them at this point, as his feet are turned out so far and he tends to slide on the hardwoods.  But tonight he managed to pull himself up into a standing position.  He will not be stopped, and he will continue to amaze me.....what a gift!  (Update 5/1.....Today Levi was holding on to a water table at a friends house and was walking on both casts from side to side....unbelievable!)


Oh and yesterday we had his dedication during our church service.....

We are so very blessed!

Children are a gift from the Lord......Psalm 127:3

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