Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Chance for 100%

         Many of you probably recognize these mini flyers from last fall when we participated in the RI Kids and RI Women's consignment sales.  The spring sales are fast approaching so I thought I would share these once again.  They have all of the necessary information if you'd like to print the page and share them with others.  They also include my consignor number and if they are handed in at checkout they will be entered into a contest for us to win 100% of our sales!  As it stands now we will earn 65% at the kids sale and 60% at the women's.  For those who may not know, last fall we won 100% at BOTH sales because so many of you are incredible and supported us beyond what we imagined!  They couldn't get over how many mini flyers were handed in on our behalf and it was no surprise when we won both since the odds were overwhelmingly in our favor.....and God was blessing us once again!  So if you're planning to go and wouldn't mind handing one in if you buy something, we would so appreciate it.  If you'd rather not print them, or can't, I'd be happy to send you some as well.  Thanks so much in advance and thanks again to all who have donated clothes, shoes and baby items so that we can raise money for another precious child to have a forever family!

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