Sunday, March 3, 2013


            I am amazed daily by this little boy.  It is so easy to forget that he has only been here for (almost) six weeks....only six weeks in an entirely new smells, new sounds, new voices, new language, new routines, new foods,  I so often resist even the slightest change and this little boy has just endured some of the most significant changes anyone could ever face.  And yet he is so full of joy....thriving, learning, loving, taking it all in!

            I've often said that one of the great joys of being a parent is watching a child experience everything for the first time.  Their eyes are so full of wonder and curiosity!  Levi tries so hard to catch everything....he is always watching in wonder.  So many things he has learned in such a short time.  He learned to clap....and oh how he loves to show everyone his new skill!  He quickly learned to maneuver around with his new cast (although he has had experience with this before!) and it hardly holds him back.  He learned to feed himself and takes pride in doing so.  He learned how to place plastic toy balls in an octopus....come on this is exciting stuff!  I made sure to get that one on takes serious concentration and for the first few weeks he just chose to throw them instead!  He learned the word no.....and did exactly what Caleb did when we would say it.....laughed! : )  He's learned many words actually...including his name!  He learned to point to my eyes, nose and mouth and listen as I say what they are.  He is beginning to learn that we are not trying to torture him when we change him or his diaper.  He learned to blow kisses.  So many things he has makes me melt a little more than all of the rest.....he learned to say Mama.

         He has often followed me around saying meh, meh, meh or mah, mah, mah trying his best to say my name, but these past few days he has really begun to say mama.  It is always when he wants comfort, is tired, or upset.....and it is the most wonderful thing to hear.  It amazes me still that God chose us to for this precious boy.....that I get to be his mama is truly humbling.  And the way in which it all happened leaves me even more in awe.  I can't say enough what a blessing this journey has been, and I am so excited for the many more things I will be able to add to the list of things that Levi has learned!

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