Saturday, February 9, 2013


                                                               11 Who is like You among the gods, O Lord?
                                                   Who is like You, majestic in holiness,
                                         Awesome in praises, working wonders?   Exodus 15:11
      I'm in awe of so many things as I think back over the past couple of months, and this entire journey.  I'm in awe of the fact that God had this whole plan for us in the first place, of how many people invested their time, money, energy, prayers, support and love into coming alongside of us, of how God provided every single step of the way, of how it felt that Levi was our son right from the first hours we spent with him, of how things were moving so smoothly and in an instant all was uncertain, of how God gave us his perfect, inexlpainable peace, of how He worked all things out in His timing, and of the fact that I now peek in and check on two little boys sleeping soundly each night.  Complete awe at God's grace and love.
    I almost laughed when I read some of what I had written and thought at the beginning of this journey....that it would be the hardest thing we'd ever done, wondering how we'd ever figure out where to adopt and make all the decisions that come with it, and really doubting that we would ever be able to raise the money needed - just to name a few.  Sure it was hard, but I doubt it will be the hardest thing we ever was the most rewarding and it taught me so very much, and I hope that God has more "hard" things in store for us.  And the bottom line is that we don't have to figure anything out, or worry about the finances or decisions to be made - God does! 
   It's only been a couple of weeks, but already we have seen so many changes in our little guy!  And as I think back to the first days of meeting him, I am amazed at how easily he smiles.....we worked for those smiles and giggles during those first trips to Russia, and now if I just look his way, without even making eye contact he will smile when he feels me looking at him.  He has such a sweet personality!  For the first week and a half he would become exhausted after just an hour or so of playing....I don't think he was used to being able to roam freely and for him it seemed like a workout!  He loves to play and is curious about everything, but he spent much of his time sleeping those first days.  Now he is staying awake much longer, getting into a lot more, and really getting vocal!  He crawls around yelling and making sounds...he fits right in around here! : ) 
   During the first week or so, if I were to put him down he would follow me, whimpering and saying ma-ma-ma-ma (so precious!).  I learned to do things quickly so I could scoop him back up, or just tried to do things with one hand whenever possible.  Now he only does this when he's tired and the other day I was trying to hold him and he just wanted down!  He loves to follow Caleb around and seems in awe of his big brother and all that he can do.  I think Caleb truly believes he is yearssss older and attempts to be a third parent at times.  He's still adjusting, but overall I think he's happy to have a little brother and enjoys playing with him.....on his terms for now!  

   It's really a gift to have a child that loves to eat everything as well!  I keep saying how spoiled I feel because he is adjusting so well and is so sweet and pleasant!  To top it off he eats anything and everything.  I'm loving that I can just put whatever I make in a blender and he'll eat it too!  I think he's loving all of the new flavors and's so much fun to watch his facial expressions as he experiences new things.  Yesterday Luke gave him his first haircut and he was so intrigued by the clippers that he turned his head to see them wherever they were.  While this made it quite difficult to cut his hair, it was so cute to see his curiousity.  And Caleb seeing him do so well with his haircut, did really well himself for the first time!  Who knew he'd be learning from his little brother : ) 
   We'll be having an early intervention lady come to the house next week and the following week we see the orthopedic doctor, so we welcome your continued prayers through these next steps.  But we really just feel immensely all of you, and by this precious gift God has entrusted us with!
Just a few pictures of this joyful little guy.......



                                                                  Praise the Lord!
                                            Oh give thanks to the Lord, for He is good;
                                                For His lovingkindness is everlasting.
                                                                     Pslam 106:1

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