Monday, February 18, 2013

A Way of Life

         I see now that this was never meant to be just a chapter.  It may have been the beginning of something new, but more of a new way of life than just a brief part.  I can already see glimpses of my annoying patterns starting to pop up, even while what I desire is truly God's will.  I want to know what is next....Now!  God has me hooked!  I'm all in....I want more of this life in the fullest form I've ever known it to be. 

         But I can also see the need for a balance.....I now have two little boys who need my time and attention.  Motherhood is my full time ministry and I have to be careful not to forget that sometimes the normal, daily routines along with all of the sometimes seemingly mundane responsiblities of laundry (upon laundry upon laundry...sorry I couldn't resist!), etc. are just as important....and just as much a challenge that God can use to teach and grow us!

       I know that adoption will forever be a part of our life....for the obvious reason that we have taken this journey, but also beyond that.  I feel certain that God will lead us to adopt again....when?  I'm not sure.  Where? Not a clue!  But he has helped me to open my eyes and to see this great need and now that I truly know, I can't turn the other way.  And I won't wait until we feel God prompting us to start another adoption, or foster a child.....there are so many ways we can help! 

      I've talked about this several times, but one small way that we will continue to help in this realm of adoption is through participating as a consignor in the semi-annual RI Kids and Womens Consignment sales.  I will continue to collect clothing from anyone who wishes to donate, and will use whatever qualifies for the consignment sales, and whatever does not for the Providence Rescue Mission ( who gives away about 5,000 articles of clothing per month!  That which qualifies for the consignment sales is washed, hung, priced, tagged and sold at the consignment sales for a profit of 60% of the price I choose.  100% of what I make will go towards helping families with adoption expenses. (As with the last sales, there is always the chance for one consignor to win 100% of their sales, rather than the 60% by handing out mini flyers with my consignor number on them and having people hand them in at checkout.  Because of all of our amazing friends and family and God's blessing, I was the one consignor from BOTH sales who won 100% in the I have no doubts that we could do it again!!) 

     So who will receive the profits from the sales?  This will just depend on the need at the time!  When I first started thinking about the spring sales, I had no idea where the money would go.  And to be honest, if it just builds up in an account until we know of a family in need that's fine too!  Of course I had couple of ideas, but in the past couple of months God has shown me clearly.  At this time I could not be more excited to share that my brother and sister-in-law have just begun the adoption for this upcoming Spring sale, the profits will go towards their expenses!  Whatever clothing does not sell is put aside for the next sale and I hope to continue this each year!  Of course we only have so many clothes to contribute, so all of your donations are extremely appreciated and essential !  In this way, I feel that we can all continue to follow God's call to care for these's simple and it may not raise huge amount of money, but I will be the first to tell you that every little bit helps so very much!


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