Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Temporary Update

          Just a real quick, temporary update...I'll post the real blog ASAP and explain later! (real blog now posted below)  Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of the many of you have been praying and we have also heard from many of you that we are on prayer lists from churches all over the country.  This is humbling and brings me to tears over and over (how I have any left, I'll never know).

           Please keep praying!  God is hearing our prayers and we are confident that He will work everything together for good.  There are families in Russia now who are moving forward and getting what they need to bring their children home (including their children!).....there are also families who are meeting opposition and authorities who are not certain what they should do becuase they have not been officially informed.  We know that our situation is still uncertain, but we believe that God is making a way.  As of now we are good to go on Saturday and we cannot wait to get to our son! 

             God is not finished with this journey....He had so much more in mind than I ever imagined.  Times like these help me to remember why it's often better not to know what is to come in advance! 

Okay here was what I actually wrote, but couldn't share so I left it as a draft......

          Well, here is another post that will have to wait to be posted! Today we received wonderful news.....our court decree officially went into effect which means we are the 100% legal parents of Levi! Not only is this amazing news, but we also found out that we will be able to get our documents AND Levi's passport! God is making a way before we have even left and we could not be more thankful. The only uncertainty at this point (aside from the fact that none of this is really certain until we have the papers and passport in our hands) will be getting through passport control.

           Our blog has gone private temporarily, as we have been advised to keep everything to ourselves, and I certainly will not take any risks! I cannot wait to share everything and to finally be able to say that we are all under one roof. And I know that I will be more grateful for that than I ever could have imagined prior to all of this happening.

Thank you, sincerely from the bottom of our hearts, for your prayers. And please don't stop praying for all of the others.....

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