Saturday, January 26, 2013

Photo Gallery!

    Since we weren't allowed to post any photos of Levi until the adoption was complete and he was home, I am posting some from each trip!

    Before I do, there are two quick things I wanted to mention.....the first is that I just finished adding up the numbers of how much our last trip cost and the overall cost of the adoption.  We have paid for all adoption expenses with a remainder of about $500!  I can't help but be reminded of my many doubts and the way that I read other stories about how God provided the money, but thought somehow we would never be able to raise that much!  I was right in that we couldn't do it, but oh how foolish to doubt God!  I'm so thankful that He wanted to use us anyway and didn't give up on me through the months when I kept insisting there was just no way! 
     The second is that we are so excited to see all of you and for you to meet little Levi!  He has done wonderfully being in a new environment, around a lot of new people and we are venutring out a lot more than I expected.  We're still taking it slow and giving him some time to get settled, but we really hope to see many of you within these next few weeks! 

   Okay...on to the pictures!

Trip 1 - October

Trip 2 - December

Trip 3 - January



  1. What a blessing to see Levi finally home with his family! My wife and I have been following your adoption journey, as we also recently adopted from Krasnodar. You have been in our prayers, and it is so good to see how the Lord has answered them!!

  2. Ryan & Kristina,
    Thank you So very much for your prayers!! This has been an amazing journey and we are so grateful for those like you who have been praying for us! I think we may have possibly adopted from the same baby home...I sent your wife an email : )