Friday, January 11, 2013

Mixed Emotions (8/31/12)

(From 8/31/12)
     We are still waiting on the answers to the questions that we sent in regards to Ivan.  However, today we received an e-mail telling us that he is currently in the hospital and has just had surgery on one foot!  We didn't know if he had received any treatment at all so this was very surprising.  We are told that his next surgery is scheduled for September 17th, therefore we would likely need to come by September 11th.  We are trying not to get too excited as this may not even be possible.  We would need to book tickets and apply for and receive our visas in this coming week which is really only four days long due to Labor Day. 

            The email was just an FYI, nothing set in stone,!  My thoughts are all over the place.  I'm shocked that we may be able to see our little boy in a week and a half......then part of me can't fathom everything being done and in place for that to be possible.  My heart breaks to think that our little boy is in a hospital, away from the only place he's known (likely since birth), with no family there with him.  There was mention of possibly delaying his second surgery so that we would be able to come visit him beforehand without having to leave so quickly.  I am thankful that each visit and each step will happen in God's timing, but my prayer is that we will be able to hold our son within the next couple of weeks!

(Update: the children are never in the hospital alone.....we were told that older women from the local churches volunteer to go and stay with them!  In addition, Levi never had to go for the second surgery while there!)

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