Friday, January 11, 2013

God Is Gracious (8/22/12)

(From 8/22/12)  

        Although I won't be able to post this likely until the adoption is final, I don't want this blog to miss any of these next steps in our journey.  We received a call last Wednesday around 4pm from our agency.  Of course I got to my phone just in time to hear the voicemail alarm and after hearing our case manager explain that she had some information for us, I immediately suspected it was our referral. 

        Earlier that day a friend and I had gone for a walk and were discussing the waiting period and I shared that I was beginning to feel that it might be a while.  : )  I called back to find that they had a little boy waiting for us.  His name is Ivan (ee-vahn), which means "God is Gracious" and oh how gracious He is!  Ivan turned one year old this month....As I thought back to when we started talking about adopting I remembered that it was the end of the summer/beginning of the fall.....just around the time that Ivan was born.  I often wondered as we prayed for the baby that God would choose if he or she was born yet.  It's amazing to know that we have prayed for him almost from day one....

        The information we were given was brief and dates back to when he was only three months old.  the picture shows an adorable little boy with chubby cheeks quite similar to Caleb's! : )  He was described as one who likes to be the center of attention and always smiles when people interact with him.  We know that he has club feet, but do not know if there has been any treatment given.  We know this is the child God has chosen for our family and are so eager to formally accept the referral and move forward.  Unfortunately we have to wait a little longer.  Our region offers this brief information and if we are interested, we are able to ask questions and find out more about the child.  Our doctor here gave us some questions to ask and we are waiting on those answers.  It could take only a few days, or a couple of weeks for a response so we are back to waiting.  Once we hear back, we will be able to formally accept and will then be invited to travel to meet little Ivan within about 2 to 4 weeks. 
         It is so hard to not be able to jump on the next flight to Russia and go see him!  It is so surreal that we have another precious son, but he is so far away, already a year old and we have yet to hold him.  I feel so helpless, but I know this is all part of the plan.  I long for the day when our family of four is permanently sleeping under the same roof, but I will continue to trust God to bring this to completion in His perfect timing.  All I keep thinking is what an unbelievably amazing journey this has think I was afraid....apprehensive....almost unwilling......I am so thankful God is persistent, patient and GRACIOUS.

        Just after this phone call we received our first photo of Levi.....although it was dated back to when he was only a few months old, it was precious to have at least one picture of our little boy....

First picture we received (age 3 months in the photo)

   Second more up to date photo (around 1 year)

Levi on our first visit!

On our second visit!



  1. My youngest son's name is 'Evan" also meaning 'God Is Gracious' :)

  2. I couldn't see the pics before. I see them now! What a little sweetheart! Hopefully I'll get to meet you guys and him sometime soon ;)

  3. Oh Karissa and Lucas, Levi is absolutely precious and perfect!! He looks like such a sweetie!! I am so excited for you guys. It has been amazing to read your blog... It is truly inspiring. Thank you for sharing your story, your emotions, and most importantly, your faith. I hope to meet your boys one day. :)

  4. Thank you Sara!! We so appreciate your prayers and support and certainly hope we can all get together in the near future! <3

  5. there is such a difference in the last photo. his eyes looks happy & bright

  6. : ) I know, I thought the same...just a little bit of time with him and he was already so different...I can't wait to love on him every day!