Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Final days in Russia....

       I’m just going to pick up from where I left off yesterday……but first just a warning that this will likely include an absurd amount of detail (my memory is not as dependable as it should be and these are certainly days I don’t want to forget, no matter how seemingly insignificant the details)!

     As it turns out all went well with the final step in the process and our tickets were successfully changed to Thursday!  We could not be more grateful!  After our trip to the embassy yesterday, Luke and our facilitator went to the store and Levi and I came back to the apartment.  It’s been wonderful staying in this apartment because we are able to prepare our own food etc.  I planned to feed Levi lunch and then put him down for a late nap seeing as we had to wake him up early that morning and then again when he had just fallen asleep before our embassy appointment.  We have quickly learned that meal times are somewhat of a marathon, which is surprising because from what we know they are not given very much time at the baby homes to eat.  Maybe he just knew that we would take all the time he needed, which we were happy to do of course!  He has the most adorable, and challenging, habit of lifting his arms up (as if raising his hand) when we feed him.  Then comes the sudden drop of the arm and chaos ensues : )  The plan changed a bit as he really required a bath after our endeavor at lunch.  That’s a bit tricky here as there is really just a stand up shower with the removable spray nozzle thing (?).  He doesn’t seem to mind it, but at the same time I don’t think it’s his favorite part of the day!  I got him all warm and cozy in his onesie pajamas and had to set him down in the pack and play in order to clean myself up (I of course sprayed myself several times with the nozzle in the process).  When I came back out of the bathroom and he was already asleep! 

      He took a good nap and when he woke up we were able to spend a lot of time playing and interacting with him.  Later in the day he was able to meet his big brother and Meme via skype!!  Caleb was so adorable…he giggled and smiled at us, and insisted Levi couldn’t hear him since he didn’t respond when Caleb said hi to him!  I can’t wait for the two of them to be together!  The rest of the day was just of lot of playing and when bedtime came, this time Levi wanted to stay with us.  We held him with us until he fell asleep and then put him in the pack and play.  Today was the first day we didn’t have anything to do so we were able to sleep in.  We slept almost 11 hours and Levi slept 13!!!  I think we all felt a little more refreshed today and really enjoyed all of our time together.  We were able to Skype again with Caleb and Meme and this time Levi was much more interested.  He seemed content to watch Caleb entertain us with his dinosaur impressions, and he loved listening to Meme talk to him!

     Of several new special interests, Levi has become quite a fan of puffs, and has become an expert at taking them out of our hands and feeding himself as quickly as possible!  He is a fast learner…..he has also come to realize that we will gladly rock him to sleep, or let him lie with us and he much prefers this.  We tried putting him in the pack and play today for his nap, thinking he may sleep better as he wasn’t falling asleep in our arms.  We sat down to eat lunch and within a minute his little head popped up and he was crying for us.  It’s such a strange experience because he is such a good sleeper and I almost didn’t want to ruin that as bad as it may sound.  And yet I want to teach him that if he calls for us we will answer, and I want him to have these experiences that he missed out on!  We’ve learned a lot about parenting adopted children, and while he may be 17 months old, his family age is back at 0… for now we will answer his every cry just as we would a newborn, and then slowly we will re-teach independence.  He is just so sweet and I love that he already wants to be with us all of the time.  If one of us moves away, just to get a drink or use the bathroom, he watches our every move and often whines for us to come back.  I wish so badly that I could help him to understand that we aren’t going anywhere.  But in time, he will know…..

     So now it is almost 9pm and Levi and daddy are sleeping.  Time to pack up and get some sleep before our early morning start at our final journey home…..Thank You God!!!!!


  1. I am so excited for you guys to be home! This is all so amazing a process to read about and I am so happy that I could be involved in some way through prayer or whatever else it may be! I love you guys levi sounds adorable and just so lovable! I love him already as much as I love Caleb!!!! YAY FOR COMING HOME!!!

    -Emily T

  2. Thank you so much for the updates! This whole journey has been etched in my mind as if I were right beside you through every process. I'm so happy that you get to come home early! Can't wait to see my littler man and my little man interact! Caleb will
    be such a wonderful Big brother to Levi, teaching him everything he knows! God is soooooooooooo amazing!!!!! Thank you Lord for keeping everyone safe and answering our prayers!

  3. Wow! I am just blown away at how wonderful this is!

  4. God is so, so good! Sharing your journey has been such a witness and will continue to be in the days and years to come. Safe journey, praying for the flight and initial brothers meeting. Love you!

  5. awww im so happy for you guys. You giuys have been through so much and never gave up, you are amazing people. I've been following the whole time praying for your family god is good and the power of prayer is awesome, congrats to you both and i pray for happiness and so much joy in your future.

  6. I am so happy at how things are working out! What a blessing! I bet Caleb will be THRILLED to have a brother & playmate!!

  7. no detail is insignificant here, these are wonderful!

    Congratulations! Have a safe flight home!

  8. " If one of us moves away, just to get a drink or use the bathroom, he watches our every move and often whines for us to come back. I wish so badly that I could help him to understand that we aren’t going anywhere. But in time, he will know….."

    I wonder if I'll ever be able to finish a blog without crying!!!!! This is so wonderful, so happy for you all, and can't wait to hear that you are home tonight, safe, healthy and happy!!