Friday, January 11, 2013


                This is just a quick explanation of what happened to the order of the last few blogs......"Glimmers of Hope" is actually the most recent, from yesterday.  The other two were posts I had written back in August after receiving our referral for Levi.  I had kept them as drafts at the time because we were not sharing his name and any specific details.  Now that the blog is private I have posted them.

                  One quick update....I received an email with a link to an article which claims that adoptions who received a court decision prior to January 1st (this does include us), will be able to bring their children home.  However, they are saying as of now that families who have made their first trips will not be able to complete theirs.  While this may imply that Levi is coming home, I will not stop praying just as fervently for those families who have met their children, whose children know them now as mom and dad, to be able to come home as well.  They have to.

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