Thursday, December 20, 2012

Second Trip - Part II

         For a variety of reasons it was near impossible to keep up with these blogs as I did on the first trip.  There was only one more day, however, as our time on this trip was short!  Our final day was priceless.

         When we arrived at the baby home Levi was still eating as he had slept late.  In addition, the meeting room was being used so we were left in limbo waiting for them to find a place for us and waiting for Levi to be ready to play!  This ended up being a blessing because I was able to ask some questions and obtain some information that I hadn't thought would be possible.  In the end we were able to meet in the regular room, however we were sharing it with various workers who were decorating for Christmas.  It was really sweet how much time and care they put into decorating and although we couldn't understand what they were saying, it was clear that they each had their own opinions about how things should be done and what looked best; it was quite funny!

         They brought Levi in and when he saw us he got so excited, he was physically shaking his arms around and squealing.....and then he reached out for me!  We enjoyed our last couple of hours with him and he seemed to enjoy himself as well!  He loved the Christmas decorations, and all of the attention since there were so many adults in one room and just him!

        The rest of our time there was wonderful, some of which I can not share, but thank you all so very much for your prayers.  I really have thought on so many occasions, how blessed we are to have so many people supporting us and praying for us.  The first trip was so smooth that I kept waiting for something to happen...some road block or struggle.  This time, as things became more official, I could see that the enemy was trying harder to wreak havoc.....just thinking quickly I could list several things that seemed to work against us initially, but that all worked out in the end.  They may not all seem so monumental, but they were reminders that God was with us and that He had everything worked out...from the very beginning.  Here's just a few.....

* Caleb started with a fever and chest cold the day before we left.  He had never complained about his chest hurting in the past and this worried me.  I hated to leave him at all, never mind when he was sick.....he ended up with the flu, but my parents and doctor took great care of him and he definitely had a great week!  Knowing this, I had peace about being away from him.
* Our seats weren't together on both of our 9+ hour flights.  All I could envision was my getting sick as I did on the first trip with a stranger who didn't speak my language next to me.  I of course was still inclined to worry for some reason......both times they ended up being able to change our seats. (and I never once got sick)
* We didn't receive the email, but our facilitator had sent an email saying she may be late or not make it to the airport because there was a blizzard in her region and she didn't think there would be a train or bus to get her to us!  This would have left us in a very difficult situation without being able to communicate with anyone at the airport.....she was panicked and we had not the least concern about arriving there since we didn't know about this issue!......she was there when we arrived and had been able to get a train ticket.
*  We would have been able to at least recognize our driver had our facilitator not come, but he became sick and cancelled......Thankfully he suggested a replacement who was able to drive us for the week with such short notice.
* I didn't have an important document at one of our meetings.....but they processed our paperwork regardless.

           "For great is your love, higher than the heavens; your  
              faithfulness reaches to the skies."  Psalm 108:4

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