Saturday, December 8, 2012

A Glimpse of the Beginning....

          Today I received another exciting update.  The unexpectedness with which we receive updates makes each feel like such a gift!  Our tentative travel dates have us bringing home our little boy by the end of January!  It's hard to imagine that in a month and a half he will actually be stay.

           As if that wasn't enough, our facilitator shared with us that Levi has been making tremendous progress developmentally since our time with him. Both the baby home director and the social worker agree, and say the personal attention he received during our time with him as well as the delay of a second surgery and his ability to have time to heal, have all contributed to this.  They say he is very expressive with all of his caretakers once again, that he is babbling and walking with support.  I can't help but be reminded of the concerned consideration that we possibly seek another referral when I hear of his progress.  A few small factors have contributed so greatly to his benefit and progress....I cannot wait to spend the next weeks, months and years loving on this sweet boy and watching him thrive. 

           These dates, plans of a final trip, word of his progress, and a fast approaching court date all offer me a glimpse into the end of the adoption process and the beginning of life as a family of four...although at times it has seemed long and drawn out, it is at the same time hard to believe that it has almost been a year.  We officially signed the papers to begin this adoption on January 18, 2012 and his court decree with come into legal effect on January 17, 2013.  Words can't express my anticipation for that day and those that follow.....

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