Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Holding Out Hope

         As we head into the end of November, I had assumed it was now fairly unlikely that we would be able to travel for court in December as originally suggested to us.  We have been waiting, without word, for some type of update since we returned from our first trip.  Finally, this evening we have been updated.....although all of our documents are there and waiting, there is a release letter that is required to be sent from Moscow to our region, that has yet to arrive.  We were warned that this often takes quite a while, but our facilitator is hopeful that it will arrive by December 1st.  If this is the case, she also feels fairly confident that we will still be able to go to court in December.
         Just the fact that there is still hope is a huge relief to me.  We've been advised to go ahead and order our visas for December through March as this should cover our next two trips, even if the court date does not happen until January.  We would so appreciate your prayers that we be able to go back in December....not only to bring Levi home sooner, but also because if we are unable to go until January, many of our documents will have to be re-done, re-notarized and re-apostilled. 
           I do realize that this may be what I want and see as best, but God may have other plans.  But I know that we at least have to ask!  So while we're/you're at it, maybe you'll want to join me in praying for an even greater miracle.... : )  ........We've been told that the judge has already said he/she would not waive the 30 day wait period for the adoption to be finalized.  This is why we would have to return in January to bring Levi home.  The only time the wait period has ever been waived is for extreme medical conditions, and Levi's condition (thankfully) is not considered an emergency.  Maybe I'm just being foolish, but I have been praying that somehow our 30 day wait period would be waived and Levi would be able to return home with us on our second trip!  There are so many reasons why, in my opinion, this would be best (not all of them are for my selfish reason of just wanting him home!!).......but again, God is in control and knows best.....He's knows/sees all of the things that I could not possibly be aware of, and I'm ultimately grateful that this will all play out according to His perfect will.  But until we know what that is, please join me in praying for what may seem like the impossible, but is more than possible with God!
           I know I've said this a million times, and I'll say it a million times more....thank you, thank you, thank you and thank you for being on this journey with us and for all of your prayers!!!!!

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