Monday, November 26, 2012

First Steps...

          I realize that this may come across as rather confusing as I have been unable to post the blogs with all of the details about Levi, but just know that this little piece of information that we just received is a miracle........

                                               Levi is walking!!!!!!
          Just to receive any word on how he is doing is extremely unexpected and rare....but to read those words blew me away.  He is one determined little boy and I so wish I could be there to see him show that nothing is going to stand in his way.     
          I am overwhelmed by all of the implications of this one update as well.......He needs some help and support in making this possible, so this also implies that the caretakers are taking the time to work with him and help him....he is getting the attention he so needs.  It also demonstrates his spirit.....we saw glimpses of this during our time with him, which we labeled as his "stubborness" at the time....but it is such a spirit of determination, of pushing forward and wanting to experience life.  This is a milestone that most babies his age have recently made.....the fact that he too is reaching such a milestone with all that is holding him back.....leaves me speechless.  I want to be there to cheer him on, to clap and make the biggest deal out of each step!
           I pray that he will never lose his spirit, and that even as he has setbacks that will temporarily keep him from walking in the near future, that this will not discourage him.  He is so precious....we are SO blessed!!!!!!!!!   

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