Monday, November 26, 2012

Court Date!

                 What a day!  This afternoon I received a call that all of our documents have been received and approved by the judge and a court hearing is scheduled for December 17th!  This is such a blessing on so many levels...the first and most important being that we are even closer to seeing our little boy again, and ultimately closer to bringing him home!
                  In approving our documents the judge accepted all of our training, which was a huge answer to prayer, as the laws on parent training recently changed and we weren't sure if what we had done was enough!  In addition, now that we are heading to court before the new year, we will not have to re-do all of our court documents, many of which were set to expire in January!  Now the timeline is for us to head to court in a few weeks, and then return around January 17th to bring Levi home!  Those dates are not set in stone just yet, but that is the general idea.

                   On our third trip we will have to stop in Moscow for Levi's passport, visa etc. so the trip will be slightly different than our first two.  We would really need to know if the 30 day wait period was being waived in advance in order to prepare the documents needed for that, as well as for travel purposes.  Therefore I'm pretty sure it's safe to say that we will not be bringing him home with us on this trip.....I'm still clinging to that .00000001% chance that something may change, but just knowing that we are heading there soon is a huge blessing!

                   Once again this all seems so surreal!  It's crazy to think back to last year at this time when I was debating whether or not to even tell people what I felt God was calling us to do, out of fear that it may actually be true.  I'm not sure why we tend to be so afraid of the unknown, but this has been the most amazing journey.  I'm not sure if I can accurately explain this, but all of the joy and excitement we are experiencing seems so undeserved when I consider that we are just doing one thing that God has commanded us to do.....we are called to care for the's a command, not a suggestion....and yet as we do what God commands of us anyway, WE are blessed.  Time and time again I find that as I truly follow Him, I am the one who feels blessed beyond measure.

                    Three weeks from today we'll be heading back to Krasnodar and making this official!


  1. Congratulations! Best wishes for a safe and successful court trip! Many blessings!