Monday, October 15, 2012

Consignment Sale #2 and some updates

             Soooo....we won the 100% at the Kids Sale too!!  I was genuinely blown away by how many people handed in flyers on our behalf and I cannot thank you all enough!  This has been such a joint effort and I really hope you all realize how much you have helped.  The large majority of clothes and items I had to sell at these sales were donated by all of you to begin with!  Then so many of you went to the sales, handed in our flyers, shared with your friends and encouraged others to hand them in as well.  This has been such a huge was almost like having another whole yard sale!  In total, between the two sales we made $599.50 with the 100%!  Although it is still difficult to predict exactly how much more we will spend on the adoption, it is becoming increasingly clear that we are getting very close to having enough!

           It has been so amazing to watch God provide the opportunities for us to raise money again and again.  Not only that, but He offered opportunities that make so much sense to do anyway!  The large majority of our fundraising was done by taking things that people no longer wanted or needed anyway and selling them to people who could use them for a good price.  We were even able to donate so many of the leftovers to people who really really need them.  That is why we will continue collecting any clothing and shoes, as well as any baby/kids items and toys.  While I think we've decided against continuing with the yard sales, we have found the consignment sales to be a great opportunity to raise money.  I know I already mentioned this in regards to the clothing, but here is the final new plan:
            We will collect any shoes, clothing, baby gear and toys that people would like to donate (things you are going to give away or get rid of anyway).  We will take ANY clothes and shoes and will sort through them to put aside anything that would meet the consignment sale requirements (gently used, certain brands etc.).  Those items will be saved for the consignment sales that take place twice a year and all profits will go towards adoption in some capacity.  Any clothing/shoes that does not meet the requirements will be organized and brought to the rescue mission in providence.  For baby gear and toys, these will be sold at the kids sale, as we found that these items sell better than the clothes.  They must, however, be in good working condition and toys should include all of the original parts/pieces.  As we've said before, we are always more than willing to come pick things up.  We think this will be a great way to continue supporting adoption, whether it be for our family, another family, an agency etc., while also collecting items that people in need could use right away.  We're excited to see where this leads!

          As far as what is next......right now we are just waiting to find out when our court date will be.  The projected date is somewhere in the beginning/middle of December, but there are no guarantees.  Certain documents need to be received by our region (from Moscow) that often take quite a while.  We are still praying for a miracle that will allow us to bring him home on the second trip, or with a shorter wait period (currently it is 30 days so we will wait and return sometime in January to bring him home).  I forgot to mention that we did not end up meeting his birthmom/seeing where she may live.  When we put her address into the gps it was 2 1/2 hours away from the baby home, which was already 1 hour away from where we stayed.  It was difficult to know what to do, but we really did not want to sacrifice a day with Levi since the chances of her still living there, being home, and being willing to talk to us were so unknown.  As far as his surgery is concerned, it was initially rescheduled for October 10th, but he still had a cold so they postponed it once again.  We are hoping to obtain a letter from our doctor here within the next week or two that we can send to Russia to convince them that it would be best for him to wait and have the surgery when he comes home.  So basically we are back to waiting and praying.  I feel sort of used to it at this point and although it is difficult to have spent a week with him and then come home without him, I feel much more at peace than I would have ever expected.  In some ways I think it's just because it's so surreal and I feel like I am leading two in a small town in Russia and one here in RI.  I also found some comfort in the care that he receives there and the way that the caretakers really seem to love him.  I know that a great deal of the peace comes from resting in the fact that God is in control of this entire process.  It's amazing what really "resting" in Him can accomplish.....I wish I had learned this sooner!


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