Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Consignment Sales!

             In the midst of our yard sales, I found out about two upcoming HUGE Consignment Sales happening locally.  Anyone can be a consignor for a very small fee, so I began putting aside some of the nicer clothes that had come in for the yard sales.  Others began donating more clothes and now I have a few hundred items to sell at these sales!  All the profits, of course, will go towards the adoption.
             The first sale, coming up September 21 and 22 is the Women's Restyled RI Sale.  All items are new or gently used and must be mall brand or better.  This is the sale I have the most items for!  If you or anyone you know plans to go, please print out the following flyers (or I would be more than happy to send you some hard copies!).  If you happen to purchase something, PLEASEEE hand in one of these flyers at checkout.  They have my consignor number on them and I will be entered into a drawing to win 100% of my sales, as opposed to the 60% I will receive otherwise.  This is a really easy way to help us raise the most amount possible through this fundraiser and we appreciate any help!
             There are about 350 consignors for the Children's Sale (happening the following week), with over 26K items already entered into the system.  They say the number usually doubles just before the sale with everyone entering in last minute items!  So if there is anything you, baby gear, toys, books, shoes etc. at a discounted price, I'm sure you will be able to find it.  This year they have also added restocking consignors so that a couple days into the sale there will be a new load of items to replensih all that sold.  The final day, many items are 50% off!  Below are four mini-flyers for the children's consignment sale with all of the necessary information.  Again, if you happen to go and purchase something, please hand in one of these flyers so that I can be entered to win the 100%!!

Hopefully, if there are things you need, this could be a great opportunity for you to find some great deals, save some money, and help us out at the same time....Thanks so much!

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