Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A New Plan

            This isn't completely adoption related, but I figured it would be the best way to get this message to more people.  As many of you know we received a great deal of clothes for our yard sales.  It was probably what we received the most of.  We sold a reasonable amount at the yard sales, and I pulled quite a few things aside for the upcoming consigning I will be doing, but in the end we were left with boxes upon boxes and bags upon bags of clothes.......

                I called the Providence Rescue Mission to see if they could use the clothes, shoes, blankets and sheets and they said absolutely.  Their website says they give away about 5,000 articles of clothing a month, and when I dropped off this load and asked if they'd like more, they were quick to say yes!  And so.....my thought was this....why stop collecting the clothes and shoes if they are so needed?  The mission gives them away to people who really need them.  Most of the time I throw mine in a bin on the side of the road and wonder if they're cut up for other purposes, sold, or who knows what.  I'd love to collect, organize and deliver loads like this as often as possible!

                So, if you or anyone you know ever has clothes or shoes to get rid of (mens, women's, childrens, baby, etc.), please feel free to drop them off here, or have us come pick them up.   Here's my plan:  I will put aside any of the newer, name brand clothing for the consignment sales (only womens and children's...these sales will be happening semi-annually) and any money raised will go towards adoption in some capacity.  It may be for our family if we are still in the process, or if not it will go to another family who is in the process.  We will have a special account just for this.  All of the other clothes will be organized and delivered to the rescue mission, along with all shoes.

                The more we learn about the needs of those around us (and those far away too!), the more I want to do....so this is a small start, but I'm excited to begin.  Thanks so much for taking the time to read this, thank you to all those who have donated so many things already, and thank you in advance to those who will partner with me in this!

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