Wednesday, July 11, 2012


          Yesterday I was really struggling with whether or not we should leave camp in order to take care of the necessary changes to documents as they were requesting us to do so quickly.  Luke and I discussed it, prayed about it, and consulted some others and finally decided that God knew this would happen at this time, that we would be away and unable to take care of it immediately, and that we should wait until Monday.  Everything in me wanted to take control and get everything taken care of that instant.  An idea came to me this morning of another way we may be able to take care of the situation, but that was quickly dismissed as well.  Shortly after I received a phone call from our case manager saying that they had figured out a way to move ahead and not to worry!  We will still have to take care of this, but it is no longer going to be causing a delay to our case.  I feel like it was a test that I nearly failed several times in a matter of hours and am so reminded of God's grace.  I'm so thankful He doesn't give up on me and keeps teaching me these lessons....I am truly thankful He is the one in control because I certainly would make a mess of things if I was!

          So many changes in the past few days......We also received word that Russian Parliament has just ratified the Russian-US adoption agreement which is great news!  Early on in our journey there was word that some regions of Russia would potentially close their door to adoption temporarily, but this agreement will set all of these issues at ease and is expected to help adoptions continue on smoothly.

          There have also been several exciting things happening here at camp in regards to the adoption, but we'll share more about that when we return!  Once again, thank you all for your prayers!

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