Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Newest Info

         Today we received word that our case manager has once again changed, and we will now be working with the original case manager that we began with.  This doesn't effect things all that much as everyone we have worked with in our agency has been great!  The not so great news is that we have just received word that we have to re-do a few documents because they did not have a date on them.  Not a huge setback, but seeing as we are out of state we will have to wait to do this.  They have asked us to do it as fast as we can so it's hard to have to wait.  Yet another reminder that this is not in my control and that all will happen in God's perfect timing.  We so appreciate all of your prayers that things would move forward smoothly and that we would be able to get everything completed as needed!  On an exciting note, we were told that things are moving along steadily in our region which is partially why they want us to act quickly to make these corrections!  We'll update more as things change!

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