Sunday, July 15, 2012


           Exactly eleven years ago this past Monday was the day that Luke and I met as campers at the annual summer camp we attended as teenagers.  This past week our family and youth group returned to Crosswalk for a great time of fun, relaxation, bonding and spiritual encouragement/growth!  As I've mentioned throughout the week in previous blog posts, there was a significant amount of change/updates with the adoption in terms of the legal process while we were away.  What I'd love to share today are the many ways that we were encouraged and blessed by others this week as we shared about the journey we are on. 
             Each year at camp, the students are given the opportunity to choose a "track time," which is essentially something they are interested in doing for a couple of hours each day.  This year, the Arts & Crafts track time designated the first day to creating something for our family to sell in order to raise money for the adoption.  I was asked to share a little of our story with those who chose Arts & Crafts, and they were then asked to make Russian Nesting Doll Ornaments.  It is such an amazing thing to look around and see over 60 people choosing to spend their time on something that will bless our family.  This adoption is such a joint effort and we are so grateful for the many people who have contributed!

Russian Nesting Doll Ornaments ($2 each)
             Within that group of students a young girl approached me and shared that her family is also in the process of adoption....up to three siblings from Ethiopia!  She and her two current siblings will potentially go from being one of three children, to being one of six!  We talked about how things will certainly be different, but even at her young age I could see that she was excited about what God was doing.  By dinner time the news had spread and two boys approached me and shared that they had been adopted from Russia! They were so sweet and open with was truly a blessing to speak with them and then be around them all week.

             Later that evening we were asked to share with the entire camp about the journey God has us on.  After we shared, a sweet seventh grade girl came up to pray for our family and the adoption process.  We learned that she had recently used her giftedness to bless another family who is adopting (turns out to be the girl whose family is adopting from Ethiopia that I spoke with earlier in the week).  She wrote a play, directed it, had a role in it and raised $1,000 for this family.  I was blown away that at her young age she would have such a desire, and that she would realize that she could use her God given talents and interests for an eternal purpose.  Such a reminder that we are all called to serve, to care for the orphans, to follow God's leading. 

             We had many wonderful conversations and many people let us know that they will be praying for us.  It was such an encouraging week and a huge reminder that God cares so very much.  It seems so obvious, but to really think about how He orchestrated this week to bless us with all of these little connections, conversations, prayers etc. was overwhelming and humbling. 

              I came home to three more donations, two sweet cards and meeting a girl who is fluent in Russian and whose family comes from the exact region we are adopting from.  God is an amazing God!!

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