Saturday, July 7, 2012

Adoption Benefit Yard Sale #3

                We were blessed with another beautiful day today! (Okay, the heat was a little excessive, but still it wasn't raining!).  Once again we had countless people who so graciously gave of their time, energy and love to help us make this possible.  Especially today, when I'm sure they would have all much rather been in some AC or at the beach, we had an amazing group of family and friends serve with us joyfully.  We are SO thankful for you!  I thought for sure this yard sale would be a smaller scale than the others, but once again the donations poured in and we had just as much stuff as before!  Thank you thank you thank you!

                 So the grand total for today was.........$1,216.00!!  Amazing, I know! (We've officially passed the halfway point now!)

               Our next yard sale will be August 18th, and potentially our last, with the possibility of one more in September to sell what's left.  Except for a few people I've already been in touch with, we won't be taking in any more donations, but please know how grateful we are to all of you who have so generously donated!  We have started considering doing this again next spring either for another adoption, or to help another family make theirs possible.  It seems that many people just need someone to donate their things to, and these have been so effective that we feel it may be only the beginning.  We'll see!

                  Now for the thank you list that has continued to have all blessed us so much!

Thank you to everyone who has donated to our sales!
Jen Curry
Joy & Mike Thomas
Jeff Scott
Janine Roberts
The Bleau Family
Tim McDowell
Brooke Souza
Stacey Murga
Marybeth Adams
Lisa Discullo
Josh & Erica Shea
The Durnings
The Ayantolas
Karen Clemence
Ron and Karen Gardener
Roy and Sylvia Witt
Al and Sue Shaw
The Mlyniec’s
The Cullen’s
The Grenier’s
Patrick & Margaret Nassaney
Melanie and Malcolm Makin
The Broduers
The Blais’
The Worthington’s
Erica Shea’s friend Kim
The Salhany’s
The Senerchia’s
Karen LaPlume
 Lori Forget
Denise Peasley
Gerry Pezzullo
Gary Lonnegan
Jay Corser
Captain Brown
Chief St. Sauveur
Matt & Sarah Fearon
Dave & Betty Smith 
Olivia Negri
Deputy Chief VanNieuwenhuyze
The Stearns
Mindy Isaacs
Sheryl Canis
Susan Ducharme
The Bouthiettes
Luke Hopton
The Tremblay’s
The Ayres
Marge Holloway
Becca Sherwood
Michelle Lee
Helen Vaughn
Tara & Steve Hart
The Cooke Family
The Mart Family

And A Special Thanks to those who helped out at the sale!
Julie Negri
Rachel Negri
Ian Quinn
Kyle Thomas
Amber Durning
Caroline Mart
Kristen Schaffer
Sharon Fusco
Denise Peasley
Cliff Peasley

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