Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Real Wait Begins

            Our paperwork was sent to Krasnador last week and should arrive anytime if it hasn't already.  Now we are waiting on them to choose a child for us!  We've certainly done a lot of short term waiting throughout this process....waiting for documents from one agency, waiting for passports, waiting for USCIS approval, etc. etc....but this is the wait I have been waiting for! : )  I know people say this is the hardest part, but I'm excited (this may not be true if we are still waiting in a couple of months, but for now it is genuine!)....now I have a brief break in paperwork and running here and there to get things notarized, apostilled etc.  Now I am enjoying reading more about how to prepare, studying Russia and preparing for our trips...now it is starting to feel real!
             Please join us in praying for this child who the officials in Russia will choose, but really God has already chosen for our family.  We have been praying constantly for their health, safety, continued hope and that they are receiving love and care!  Also for continued provision in financially getting us to our child and home again.

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