Saturday, June 2, 2012

God of the Impossible

        I have just finished reading the book "Kisses from Katie," and although I sometimes passionalely reccomend books, I would recommend this above all others, second only to the bible.  It is truly a humbling and convicting example of Christ's love being lived out in a very real way.  So much of what God has been teaching me through this adoption process about His call to care for the orphans, the widows, the less fortunate, is echoed in this book.....times a million.  It seems that this young woman, who so willingly gave up everything to live and serve the people of Uganda, is doing something so extreme, so extraordinary.  And while I had those thoughts time and time again as I read her story....I also kept being reminded that maybe this should not be so....maybe it shouldn't be so hard to conceive!  This book helped me to make sense of some things I have been feeling......sometimes it's easy to hear "what a great thing we're doing" and to view this adoption as a wonderful gift to this child, and a very difficult and costly process that we are willing to endure.  What I have come to understand is that we are simply ordinary people, choosing to respond in obedience to one of many of the things Jesus commands us to do.....we are just doing what we should be doing.  I'll be the first to admit that this seemed like a radical idea when we first started to research and consider it.  But why?!  Jesus commands us time and time again to care for the less fortunate and He often works in ways that don't seem to make sense to us.  I challenge you to read this story of one ordinary girl who said Yes to what God was prompting her to do.  The other amazing truth I have begun to see with more and more clarity in the past couple of years is also echoed in Katie's experiences.....we often try to fight what God is asking of us, but once we relinquish control and live in the center of His will, we can't imagine being anywhere else...and we never want to be anywhere else.  His plans make our lives have purpose and bring joy like nothing else....even when they seem to be the last thing we would plan for ourselves...

       This is a long video, but in the beginning is a short video that details who Katie is and some of what is in her book.....

And here is one journal entry from the book that I just had to share................

One Day....
Sunday February 8, 2009
God of the Impossible

This is my life.  My real life.  People say to me sometimes, "There's no way that is real, right? You do know how to tell a story, though!"  Let me tell you, as I fall onto my bed at the end of the night, I look up at the sky amazed and wonder, "no way is this real right?" Yes. It is.

Even those closest to me sometimes voice their disbelief: "how is that possible?" Most of the time, I really don't believe it either.  Sometimes I pinch myself to make sure I am awake.  I am.  Yes it is happening.  Ten children, then seven who were abandoned. Then four burn victims.  In the last three weeks we have added almost seventy-five children to our program.  When I get ready to serve lunch, I have to take a new head count every day, just to make sure I have the number right.  It's happening.

As I lay in bed in disbelief at the end of another beautifully exhausting day, I marveled with God at the "impossible" things that happen in my life.  And I realized, when have you ever read a story of God's great work that made a lot of sense, a story that didn't seem a little over the top, a little impossible?  Not often.  Radical, extraordinary love just doens't make sense in a fallen world; that doesn't mean it can't happpen.  But it is the very nature of God.

Moses parted the Red Sea, and I bet people thought, "No way this is happening!"  Noah spent 120 years building an ark and I bet people thought he was crazy.  When Joshua went to Jericho, God told him to march around the city once each day for six days and seven times on the seventh day with seven priests blowing trumpets made of rams' horns. I bet Joshua didn't think that made much sense.  I bet Abraham didn't think that it made a whole lot of sense when God asked him to kill the son through whom He had promised to send nations. Jesus told his disciples to pass out five loaves of bread and two fishes to feed over five thousand people and I bet they looked at him like he was crazy!  Later Jesus told Peter to walk to Him on the water through a storm and I know that Peter was afraid.

We read these stories and think they are awesome examples of God's amazing power and love and yet sometimes we don't really believe they could still be possible.  We think that maybe Moses, Abraham, Joshua, Noah, or the disciples had something we don't.  But I don't think that is true; God is the same yesterday, today and always,.  And we are all created in His image. This means that all these impossible things could just as easily happen for us too!  Radical, different, extraordinary....they still exist!

Here is the thing.  I want big things from God.  We want big things from God and then think it's strange when he asks us to build an ark, or feed five thousand, or march around a building for seven days with seven priests blowing trumpets made from rams' horns.  I am asking for big things from God.  Big things like a van I can take my whole fmaily to church in and a house with ten showers.  Bigger things like 147 million orphaned children in the world to each have a mommy who knows what they like for dinner.  So really, I am not surprised at the craziness of my life.  Every morning, as I wake up with some impossible task in front of me, I know that God will meet it with impossible strength and love.  I serve the God who used Moses, a murderer, to part the Red Sea; a God who let Peter, who would deny him, walk on water.  A God who looks at me, in all my fallen weakness and says, "you can do the impossible."

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