Saturday, May 26, 2012

Adoption Benefit Yard Sale #2

            Again, a while back we decided on May 26th as our second yard sale day seeing as Luke had the day off.  God blessed us with another absolutely beautiful day in the midst of a lot of rain!  We have also been blessed with the most amazing friends and family who donated an unbelievable amount of items (never did we fathom that we would have so many things donated!) and who helped tremendously with the yard sale today.  We 100% could not have done any of this without all of you!  We are humbled by the amount of people who have so generously given of their things, time, money and love and we cannot thank you enough......
             So the numbers are in and we raised a total of......... $1,398.93 today!!!!!!!!!

            I forgot to take pictures at the beginning so here are a few pictures of things a couple of hours in (and rather messy at this point!)........

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to all who have donated to our yard have made this possible......

Jen Curry
Joy & Mike Thomas
Jeff Scott
Janine Roberts
The Bleau Family
Tim McDowell
Brooke Souza
Stacey Murga
Marybeth Adams
Lisa Discullo
Josh & Erica Shea
The Durnings
The Ayantolas
Karen Clemence
Ron and Karen Gardener
Roy and Sylvia Witt
Al and Sue Shaw
The Mlyniec’s
The Cullen’s
The Grenier’s
Patrick & Margaret Nassaney
Melanie and Malcolm Makin
The Broduers
The Blais’
The Worthington’s
Erica Shea’s friend Kim
The Salhany’s
The Senerchia’s
Karen LaPlume
 Lori Forget
Denise Peasley
Gerry Pezzullo
Gary Lonnegan
Jay Corser
Captain Brown
Chief St. Sauveur
Dolores & Liz
Matt & Sarah Fearon
Dave & Betty Smith 
Olivia Negri
Deputy Chief VanNieuwenhuyze
The Stearns
Mindy Isaacs
Sheryl Canis
Lorelei Thomas
Susan Ducharme
Marge Holloway
Dan and Janie Ayres

And thank you so much to all those who helped us today at the sale.....
Amy Andrade
Julie Negri
Rachel Negri
Brooke Souza
Emily Thomas
Kyle Thomas
Nicole Fusco
Sharon Fusco
Matt Blais
James Tremblay
Denise Peasley

And finally to my amazing Sign Makers and Cupcake Baker....
Brooke Souza & Emily Thomas

If we have forgotten anyone, please know that we appreciate your help and support so very much.  Thank you all again!

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