Wednesday, April 18, 2012


               After a great deal of waiting we have finally received our completed written home study in the mail today!  This has been the sole missing piece of the puzzle and has kept us from moving forward in any direction for the past couple of months.  Now things get exciting!  Today I was able to send out two grant applications as well as an application to USCIS in order to bring a child into the country.  It usually takes 8-10 weeks to receive approval, however there is a lot that can happen during that waiting time.  Now that we have all of our documents we can make an appointment to have everything "apostilled" (everything has to be notarized and then apostilled, another form of authentication by the Secretary of State, in order to be sent internationally).  Once everything is apostilled we can send our dossier (all of our documents) to our agency who in turn can send them to Russia.  Once they are in Russia we could receive a referral for a child anytime! 

                        (I was so excited I had to take a picture of the envelopes finally ready to be mailed!)

           On another note, I was awakened this morning to someone banging on our door and Daisy barking like crazy!  Half asleep, I opened the door to a man who was wanting me to start the Explorer we had for sale in the driveway because he was very interested in buying it! A wonderful couple from our church had donated their Ford Explorer to us so that we could sell it and use the profits towards the adoption.  Between that and the yard sale this past weekend our savings has gone up substantially and we are so grateful.  It's amazing to see how God is working out all of the details and we're excited to see how the rest unfolds!

Thank you SO much to the Gardeners for their extreme generosity!!

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