Sunday, April 29, 2012

Baby Boom

      Those of you who go to Faith know that there has recently been quite the baby boom at our church! Five of the six pregnant women have given birth to beautiful babies in the past few months, with one more to come.  I love sitting in the midst of them on Sunday mornings and watching them hold, rock and love on their little ones.  It reminds me of Caleb being that age, but now it also reminds me of our little one so far away in Russia.  It is very possible that our child is just a couple of months old at this point and will eventually grow up with the babies that surround us in church each week.  This morning as I watched the moms get up and walk out to care for their babies as they began to fuss I couldn't help but pray that somewhere, someone is taking the time to care for our little child as they cry for a need to be met.  The need is great in the baby orphanages and I can only imagine the burden of caring for dozens of infants.  We pray daily for our precious child, but I'm realizing how important it is that we also pray for the orphanage workers that they have the strength, endurance, and desire to give these babies the care that they so desperately need!


  1. I think about your baby too! Hoping that baby is getting all the love and warmth they need. Baby will be so loved. All our kids are going to make one giant youth group class!

  2. Thank you so much! I think about that too...hard to imagine them as teenagers though! : )