Saturday, April 14, 2012

Adoption Benefit Yard Sale #1

            A little over a month ago we decided to have our first yard sale on April 14th because Luke had the day off.  We were a bit worried that the weather wouldn't cooperate and it turned out to be the most beautiful day.  We are so thankful for that, and for all of the donations and help that we received.....alltogether today we raised $1,141.10.....and we still have so many items left.....what a blessing!

Here are some pictures when we first started:

Thank you SO much to all who donated items to our sale:
The Ayantola's
The Shea's
The Thomas'
The Curry's
The Senerchia's
Brooke Souza (and her sister!)
Marybeth Adams
Beth Salhany
The Makin's
Lorraine Discullo
The Scott Family
Karen Clemence
Lorraine Pesaturo
The Blais'
The Durning's
The Broduer's
Janine Roberts
Lynn Bleau
Tim McDowell
The Gardener's
The Witt's
The Shaw's
The Mlyniec's
The Smith's
The Cullen's
The Grenier's
Lori Worthington

To All Those who sacrificed time on their saturday and helped at the sale:
Rachel Negri
Julie Negri
Brooke Souza
Sharon Fusco
Denise Peasley
Nicole Fusco
Karen LaPlume
Ann LaPlume
Matt Blais
Amber Durning

And to anyone else we may have forgotton and all those who have been praying, thank you from the botton of our hearts!!

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