Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Russia Alert

  We received news of a potential suspension of adoptions between Russia and the United States yesterday.  Praying that all can be resolved and we can continue to move forward smoothly!

After reading the article, however, we did receive this second notice:

Rumors of an Official Suspension of Russian Adoptions Not True; Regional Suspensions Possible

The National Council For Adoption (NCFA) is closely monitoring reports of another possible suspension of Russian intercountry adoption to the United States.
According to news reports, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has recommended a temporary moratorium on intercountry adoptions to the United States until the Russian State Duma passes implementing legislation pertaining to the bilateral adoption agreement signed by the Russian and U.S. governments in 2011. As NCFA understands it, the legislation is currently with the State Duma and will likely be taken up following Russia’s national election.

Adoption can only be officially suspended by order of the Russian president or State Duma. This has not yet occurred. Information is unreliable at present, but it is possible that some regional courts in Russia may arbitrarily participate in an unofficial suspension of adoptions to the United States pending passage of the implementing legislation for the bilateral adoption agreement. Should this occur, court processing of some adoptions may be delayed. Prospective adoptive families in the final stages of completing their adoptions should consult with their adoption service providers.
"The bilateral agreement signed last year by Russia and the United States was a positive and important step intended to ensure the stability of intercountry adoptions between our two countries," says Chuck Johnson, NCFA president and CEO. "Imposing what could amount to erratic regional moratoriums on the processing of intercountry adoptions, so late in the process, is not in the best interests of children waiting for families. National political issues should not prevent children from gaining the love and security of a permanent, nurturing family."

National Council For Adoption

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