Thursday, January 26, 2012

The "Gap"

"God is looking for people through whom He can do the impossible – what a pity that we plan only the things we can do by ourselves."   -A.W. Tozer

   I've said this several times already, but it hits me more and more as we progress through this process - My life would have so much less meaning and significance if it was left up to me!  I'm so thankful that God has a greater purpose and plan for our lives than we ever did for ourselves!
   I've also said that this is probably the biggest leap of faith we've taken in our lives thus far.  There is so much that is unknown to us and beyond our control, but I feel that all that has happened so far has brought us to this point where we are ready to simply trust.  We talk about our "faith" all the time, what better way to act on it!
   We've only just started to share this story with all of you and already I am overwhelmed by the encouragement and support.  We have recently begun meeting with a financial advisor and shared with him the other day about the plan to adopt.  His job, of course, is to be the realist, to think with facts only and to remind us that despite an adoption tax credit, our tax returns and the money from our third vehicle we are trying to sell, there will still be a considerable gap.  I loved that he chose that immediately created a picture in my mind of what Christ did on the cross.  He closed the gap and made a way for us to live with him for eternity.  I have faith that He will provide.   
  This morning I received a phone call from a good friend from NJ.  She shared with me about a large neighborhood yard sale they participate in each year on their street.  She asked for my permission to share our story and collect items to sell at this years sale in order to help us raise money.  I cannot tell you what a blessing this is.  We have our plans to do a yard sale here, but how amazing that a few states away another sale will be taking place to help with this adoption.  Again I thought about the word gap.   These precious friends of ours are in a sense "standing in the gap" for us.  We are humbled by all that God is doing and beyond grateful for the willingness of others to work alongside us!


The eyes of the Father run to and fro
He’s searching the earth
He’s looking for those who make intercession
On behalf of their nation
Those who will rise up and pray

We’ll stand in the gap on behalf of our land
We’ll stand in the gap on behalf of our land
Down on our knees
We’ll take our stand
And there intercede for our land
We’ll pray for the needs of our land

The powers of darkness released on our lands
Will never prevail
Will never withstand
The deep intercession
By a people of passion
Those who will rise up and pray

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