Monday, January 30, 2012

Children of God

"See what kind of love the Father has given to us, that we should be called the Children of God, and that is what we are."  1 John 3:1

  It has been amazing for me to realize that I too have been adopted, and it has brought about a whole new meaning to both adoption and the gospel.  As there are reactions towards the cost of adoption, the potential health issues, the travel etc. etc. my mind continues to go back to the circumstances of my own adoption.  The cost? God gave His son's LIFE for me.  The travel? God left his place in heaven to come down to earth! There is simply no comparison.  Not to mention that the adoption into the family of God comes with no conditions.  There is no restriction on age, gender, health, ability or your past history.  It's hard to believe that I missed this so completely for so long.  We are children of God - He doesn't refer to us as his adopted orphan or adopted child, we ARE His children!  I am so grateful.  And I am so humbled and blessed to have this opportunity to (in a much smaller sense) follow His example and reflect His love.

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