Saturday, December 9, 2017

Fall Memories

     I wasn't even going to post about fall at this point, as it snows outside this very moment, and winter is officially less than two weeks away.  But, as I looked through many of our fall pictures, I couldn't stop smiling.  The BIG personalities these little people have shine through in so many of them.....they remind me of so many times of laughter.  I'll always have the pictures, but sometimes I forget the details.....I want to have this reminder.  Fall was full of memories this year....we were able to spend time with friends quite a bit, before all the sickness hit! 

   This sweet girl has SO much personality.  She wouldn't be forgotten on the first day of school, posing for me to take her picture too :) 

Just like her big brothers, she loves people....all people! 

Our bag lady :)

In most of my pictures, Kyleigh is in her pjs's.  She INSISTS on staying in them every day!
Here she is in her nightgown that has seen better days....and there in the neck is a dryer sheet.  I tried to take it out, but she quickly stuffed it back in, insisting it was part of her nightgown.  And there it remained all day.  Such a character this one! And so very stubborn! 

It is not uncommon to find all of her paw patrol lined up to watch her eat.....which typically happens every couple of hours!

Or perhaps, Kyleigh dressed up as a paw patrol herself.....I think she's obsessed.  If you dare to come over, she will take your hand and demand that you "play paw patrol!"

COVERED in stickers!

Her request for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Daily. 

Everyone's obsessed with Chloe lately, who has surprisingly been such a good sport about all the attention.  Kyleigh loves her Chlo Chlo!

She LOVES the carousel.....if we even drive near the mall, she will ask about her horses!

Caleb had been talking about jumping in puddles with his new rain boots for a was pretty warm out and they were thrilled to jump to their hearts desire.  Caleb poured quite a bit of water out of those boots in the end!  Oh the perks of homeschooling....

They're still in this phase of making a car with the kitchen chairs :)  

And as always....Caleb has some creature in his hands :) 

Yard sale finds and fun rides in the box daddy added!

And of course, Levi eating what was left growing in the garden...with his best buddy beside him, and his bike there for decoration (since he still won't ride it☺)

Enjoying some outdoor time with fun friends! 

The next generation :) 

Playgrounds on those warm fall days! 

Best exhibit at the zoo!



                                     Levi and all his favorites......fudge pup, machines, tools, and Luke! 

                                                 *                               *                              *

      Lots to celebrate this fall......birthday's for sweet friends.....

And cousins!!

Annnnddd......favorite cousin's weddings!  So perfect and beautiful, and such a blast!

Caleb danced the night away and had a blast with Katie!!

Fall Festival at West End Creamery

Levi laid down and told this random boy to bury him....ha!

Crazy animals wouldn't look at the camera! 

Daddy is such a good sport....

We were definitely challenged by the corn maze....and so thankful to see the end!!

I love all the seasonal crafts and activities.....Caleb humored me this year but wasn't really into it...thankfully I have others to enjoy it with me!!

My wonderful family was kind enough to want our germ infested family to join in celebrating....

My three little sickies....they came to life for a bit though and really enjoyed themselves!

 And the adventures continue....So much excitement as we enter this advent season, and so many more memories to be made! 
Happy Fall! 

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Much To Be Thankful For....

      Right the midst of uncertainties and the messiness of life, I could not be more thankful for the freedom of thanksgiving...for me, it really is freeing as I shift my focus from circumstances, fears and frustrations to purpose, assurance and blessings.  I am so thankful for our friends and family, for those who are praying for and continually encouraging us (we cannot tell you how appreciated your prayers are!), for hope in seemingly hopeless situations, for God's provision, and for His constant love - we are incredibly blessed.

    I have many daily reminders of His goodness.  Specifically these little ones who keep me more than busy and give me so many reasons to be thankful :)

"Sorry mom, pictures will have to wait....I'm fishing"

This is all she'd give me....leaned over, hands together...such a good sport still smiling because it was COLD!!

They'd had it, but I really wanted to try for at least one family photo....I propped the camera up on an amazon box and we all tried to hold our smiles without shivering while we waited for the click.  One time, and we were all looking....Go figure! 

      And God, in His goodness, continues to pour on the blessings...even when we have other plans...

   We used to throw out the number five like it was nothing when people would ask how many children we planned on having.  That all changed after number one, haha.  But then with adoption, we thought, who knows?!  We also smartened up a bit and realized our plans were really just that...plans....and that God would continually determine the true course of our lives if we let Him.  I think we may have started to forget that in recent months.....we had just given away most of our baby items....scheduled appointments to confirm the end of baby life in our home.....had several conversations with people about our family being complete (we weren't lying, just clueless people!!)....and here we are! 😊  

They are SO excited!  Caleb is begging to share his room, Levi's happy but sometime still in denial, and Kyleigh asks me 100 times a day if she will share (fill in with every imaginable item) with baby.  Keira is excited, with some understandably mixed feelings about not being home during this time.  Someday we hope to have a real family photo with all our kiddos.  We have "Christmas with Keira" coming soon though, so we hope to get some updated photos of her too :) Our life may not be what we would have imagined it, but we are thankful and trust that God - who sees and knows the bigger picture - has a plan for each of these precious lives...and for this family that I love so very much. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

"Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise; give thanks to Him and praise His name"  Psalm 100:4 

PS. Kyleigh will maintain the "little princess" status.....and be well protected :)