Saturday, June 16, 2018

Happy 3rd Birthday Princess!

At long last the day has arrived....the day she has been talking about DAILY since December.  The birthday party she basically planned herself at two is finally here!  I cannot believe this little girl is three.....time moves so quickly, but for some reason I feel like it has gone the fastest with Kyleigh.  

Oh she melts my heart....

Much like Caleb when he was her age, she is in the horse stage....she lovessss horses...playing with toy horses, riding real ones, visiting them.....

She was thrilled to go to the park to visit the horses for her three year photos....not so thrilled with the picture taking part however....we may have bribed with munchkins.....

There was a LOT of silliness involved.....and of course she has me laughing so hard that it eggs her on all the more, which made things take a bit longer :)

She started getting delirious towards the end....

She is just so precious and has SO much personality!  She's definitely a strong one....
She knows what she wants, and she says it like it is!  

She loves to laugh....enjoys helping in the kitchen....needs her play time periodically throughout the day, which is so fun to see as she uses her huge imagination....keeps up with her big brothers without hesitation....makes us all laugh....loves to give "big squeeze hugs and kisses" so "cited" (excited) about everything....and is just such a gift to us!

She had her special birthday night out with Meme and Pops last night (where she rode the carousel SEVEN times!) and then slept over.  So we had everything set up and ready for when she walked in this morning :) 

I think the whole day was a bit overwhelming - even though she has talked about it for months - but she enjoyed everything overall!  She was so excited about her presents...even Caleb bought her one with his own money :)

I think we were equally as excited....
This little girl is so tall, she has quickly outgrown her little tricycles

We weren't sure if she was ready for this, but she took off right away!

She then proceeded to tell Levi he could have a turn on her a way that said he should be honored to have such a privilege.  He obliged and she "taught" him what to do, and helped push him in her little mothering way.  She then told Caleb it was his turn, and he too played along...but she told him he could do it all by himself.  After they had their turns, she proceeded to "remind" them that they needed to say thank you! HA!!  Which they did, and she politely said "you're welcome."  
They are such good big brothers <3 

I started planning her birthday party months ago, knowing that once the baby came I'd probably be too busy.  I'm so glad I did!  It's so much fun to work on all these little projects to make it special for them, and Hello Kitty turned out to be a pretty easy theme to go with!  Good 'ol pinterest had loads of ideas that were doable...and really inexpensive!

We set up when she was fun to watch her look at everything....

She wasn't hearing it that Hello Kitty was a decoration and claimed her immediately :)

Everyone started to arrive and she got pretty clingy....

But her favorite dog friend showed up (with a balloon attached) and helped her out of her funk!
Sweet Bailey to the rescue!

Karina brought Ruby, which was also a big hit!
We love enjoying all of our friends pets! :)

Busy making jewelry :) 

The cake that started it all!  She saw this Hello Kitty ice cream cake in the market back in December and that was the start of her daily talk about her hello kitty party!

She was really all about the presents....which I told people not to bring because this kiddo has everything....
And in typical toddler fashion she jumped from one to the next like a crazy if it didn't seem like it, I promise we are super thankful for all of the thoughtful, generous gifts!  I was able to really see everything when we took it out tonight and you all really did too much!  But thank you <3

She was also all about the next birthday, I think she'd be satisfied with a bag of these!

Thanks to Pops for providing some more entertainment....the kids loved the microphone!

We are so blessed that God has entrusted us with this sweet little girl!
I hope she felt as loved and special as she is today!
Happy 3rd Birthday Princess!

Monday, June 11, 2018

First Days

I was thinking already kind of seems like this sweet boy has always been here.  Amazing how that happens.  It's also amazing how one could forget how little they are at this stage!  Now I remember why I tried to convince Lucas that we couldn't be done having babies when Kyleigh was this age :) There really just isn't anything like a newborn baby.  We are so in love!

And so are his siblings.  Caleb wanted to hold him just about every minute for the first several days.  

Levi wanted to at first, but then decided he was heavy (HA!).  He still says how cute he is and gives him kisses!

Kyleigh asks to hold him often and once we get her all set up she's done.  That's 2 for ya!

This little man has no idea all that he's been a part of already!

A rare morning where we made it out of the house.....and not in pajamas! :) 

These kids are so lucky to have such an invested daddy....if he wasn't home we would never make it out of the house!  Even Christian joined in for this one....

I took the car and met them there :)

Though he may be unaware, this little guy has met SO many people that love him....we are very blessed!

His biggest sister was able to come meet him this week too!

Of course I've taken endless pictures, and attempted to take some official newborn photos.  It was NOT easy....and the idea that you can just pose them however you want is obviously only true for the professionals.  Every time I got him all positioned....he moved!  So I took what I could get....he's so precious that it makes up for my lack of skills!

We are so blessed by this sweet boy and are so thankful that God determines the course of our lives.  
I may be behind on just about everything....but there is nothing better than spending my days taking care of this little guy, and I'm treasuring every moment!

What a gift this sweet baby is!

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Another School Year Coming To A Close

It's that time again....we're approaching the end of another school year.  We finished school at home earlier than usual this year....we worked through snow days and public school vacation days so that we'd be done when the baby arrived.  And I'm so glad we did since most days it's dinner time and we're still in our pajamas!  But school for Levi is winding down soon too, and it's been pretty special this year.  First, he was invited to participate in the chorus concert that the older students and third grade recorder students were putting on.  A couple of students in his classroom were singing a song, and apparently during rehearsals Levi joined they asked him to perform as well!  It was so precious....
Here he is waiting for his turn to perform....he must have looked back at us (beaming, with the occasional kiss in the air or thumbs up towards us) a million times :)

We moved up to the front row when he went up.  He was SO happy to have us there, it made my heart so full.  You could just tell he was so proud.  And so were we!  In the past, any time Levi was asked to be on stage to perform, he would stand with his hands folded with a pout face.  What a transformation this time!!

The following week we were invited to attend an end of the year celebration for his classroom.  It was the sweetest thing.  What a special night....and incredible teachers and staff who took the time to make it happen.  I'm so thankful that Levi had these opportunities to share the things he's feel proud of himself....and to be so happy to have his family there to share it with.  I wouldn't have been able to hold back the tears if it wasn't for the fact that Levi couldn't stop yawning throughout the entire performance.....priceless!

They sang several songs, some with motions and Levi participated!  It was so neat to see how much he could do.  They did a silly song that was adorable....and is now forever stuck in our heads because Caleb and Kyleigh have since learned it!  (If you'd like it stuck in your head too, here it is!)

They each received an award that had to do with their was Levi's.....

There was a slideshow, a large spread of food, and the students were able to show us how they log on to their chrome books and show us an autobiography they had worked on.  I was blown away that Levi was able to navigate the computer so well.  It's hard to know what his days are like sometimes....other parents sometimes share things with me, but overall it's challenging for Levi to share a lot of details about his days at school.  It was such a privilege to spend some time in his have the opportunity to watch him in his element and to express to him how proud we were!  It was such a special night, one I definitely won't forget. 

He'll be moving to yet another school next year, so this was a bit bittersweet in that sense.  But thankfully he will remain with his amazing teacher (and hopefully teachers aides!) for at least one more year at his new school.  We know it's not always easy for our little guy, but he's always making progress, and we are so very proud! 

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Welcome Little One!

We have been waiting rather impatiently for this little ones arrival!  I can't believe he's finally here!  He is just so precious....such a gift.....

My water broke around 10:30 on Caleb's birthday and things moved pretty quickly.....I was hoping we could make it past midnight so that these two boys would have their own special day, though only a day apart!  Sure enough he held on long enough and arrived at 2:24am :)

Daddy holding his littlest boy for the first time <3

The kids were SO excited to come.....they paraded in with so much joy, it was such a special time to watch them interact with their new brother!  Caleb couldn't get enough of him, holding him as much as he could.  Kyleigh and Levi both wanted their turns too, and everyone did a great job.  He sure is one loved little boy...and he seemed to enjoy every minute!  He didn't protest at all to being passed around, or having his hands held by other little ones....he was perfectly content. 

We are so very blessed!

This boy will quickly learn that Meme and Pops are a hot commodity around here! :)

The nurse combed his hair into this mini mohawk after his first bath....he was so relaxed as we styled it and took pictures.....such a cutie!

Some of you know we really couldn't decide on a name this time we came to the hospital without knowing what it would be, which I always thought was such a ridiculous notion after having nine months to decide on one!  (Never say you'll never ___, right?!)  We finally settled on Christian....all the boys have biblical names, and all of our names follow this c/k/l pattern that was quite accidental until Kyleigh.  So, now this little guy fits right in.  And his middle name is that of Luke's grandfather...who has set such a legacy for his family.  

We are so thankful for this little treasure, God has certainly blessed us above and beyond what we could ever ask or imagine!